Repairing Power Wheels and Other High Priced Kids Toys

Some of today’s kids’ toys are toy vehicles that are designed to be ridden or driven, so they have a rough life, which can result in them getting broken. You don’t have to throw them away if they get broken. With the prices of these sophisticated toys, no one wants to repurchase one of these, so have it repaired instead.

Give a kid’s toy vehicle a second life.

The toy vehicle came in with a broken frame, making it unrideable.  

If you can weld or have a skilled welder in your area, you can repair it or have it repaired for a fraction of what it would cost to purchase a new one.

Here’s a look at what needed to be done to get this toy vehicle back on the road:

1. Locate that damaged

High-priced toys can be repair on a budget.

2. Determine how to repair the damaged area:  Repair it and make it stronger.

Locate cracked and broken parts.

3. Tack weld the parts together: Check to see if everything is in the correct positions, once you are satisfied with the positioning, fully weld it up.

Broken parts welded into place.

4. Finished repair: Paint to protect the metal and let the kids enjoy.

Repaired chair is ready to be used.

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